Arntzen puts politics ahead of Montana students

HELENA -- Before campaigning to be State Superintendent of Schools, Elsie Arntzen spent years putting her out-of-touch politics ahead of the interests of Montana students.

For 12 years, Elsie Arntzen took votes in the Montana Legislature that reflected the partisanship that stands in the way of our public schools and stripped resources away from Montana students – students in her own classrooms back home in Billings.

Here are just four examples of Elsie Arntzen putting politics ahead of Montana students: 

  • She voted to take money away from Montana classrooms to the tune of $12 million in one session alone. [HB 2, House Vote, 4/27/11; Montana Budget & Policy Center, 7/01/11]
  • Made college less affordable for Montana students. [HB 2, 4/28/11; Montana Budget & Policy Center, 7/01/11]
  • Voted to spend Montanans taxes on private schools.  [SB 410, 4/24/15]
  • Voted against more rigorous education standards for Montana students after saying she supported them a few years prior. [Project Vote Smart, 2012 Political Courage Test]
As the Billings Gazette said when endorsing Democrat Melissa Romano for State Superintendent of Schools:

“Arntzen had opportunity to champion public education for the past 12 years, but she didn’t.” 

“Elsie Arntzen’s entire voting record reflects the partisanship that blocks opportunities for Montana students to succeed,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party and State Superintendent from 1988-2000. “Montana’s students, and the economic future of our state, depends on leaders who are willing to work across the aisle in the best interests of all our children.”


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