Anti-Public Access Group Supports Gianforte and his Lawsuit to Eliminate Stream Access

The same group that joined a lawsuit against Montana in an attempt to overturn its long-standing stream access laws is now supporting New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte for governor.

The United Property Owners of Montana came rushing to Gianforte's side as he scrambles to explain his lawsuit against the state to eliminate a public stream access easement on his property.

"It should be no surprise that an anti-public access organization is supporting the only anti-public access candidate in this race," said Jason Pitt, a spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "As New Jersey multimillionaire Gianforte continues to stand behind his lawsuit against the state to eliminate a public stream easement, Steve Bullock will continue to stand up for Montanans right to lawfully access our public streams and lands."

Additionally, Gianforte told reporters in March that he first met his running mate Lesley Robinson at a United Property Owners of Montana conference: VIDEO HERE.


United Property Owners of Montana:

  • Joined a lawsuit against sportsmen to block access to Montana's streams from bridges. 
  • Advocated cutting state funding for public land acquisition, easements and maintenance.

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