An Open Letter to Greg Gianforte and Brad Johnson

Greg Gianforte and Brad Johnson,

I'm sure you've seen the good news, yesterday Governor Bullock announced Federal approval of Medicaid expansion in Montana. 

This announcement means that thousands of our taxpayer dollars will be returned to Montana, our economy will become stronger, and as many as 70,000 working Montanans will have access to affordable health care. 

Medicaid expansion in Montana means bringing home more than one billion of our taxpayer dollars and 12,000 new jobs over the coming years to help strengthen our already booming economy.

In light of this good news, you both joined a group of reckless conservatives in opposition to Medicaid expansion. Instead of standing with the Montana families that supported this legislation, you chose to stand with out-of-state special interest groups like Americans for Prosperity. 

Now that Medicaid expansion is here, many Montanans are asking would either of you, as Governor, eliminate it?

Governor Bullock put politics aside, brought all sides together, and found a Montana solution to make Medicaid expansion a reality in our state. 

As candidates for Governor, your input on the future of Medicaid in Montana is requested.

- Montana Democratic Party


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