Zinke flees Montana to avoid questions about SOFA PAC allegations

 Allegations of unethical and illegal coordination between Super PAC and Zinke Campaign

(Helena, MT) – Former SOFA PAC Chairman Ryan Zinke continues to dodge alleged violations of federal elections laws by rubbing elbows with out of state interests.
Since the allegations, Zinke has failed to publicly answer questions or deny the complaint, choosing rather to spend time “building coalitions” in Florida, Alabama, and Texas. In fact, Zinke was recently spotted on CNN speaking from Santa Barbara, California.
“Montanans expect more answers and less secrecy on the questionable timeline of events between Zinke as a candidate and Zinke as super PAC chairman. Those questions are better answered on the ground in Montana instead of on camera in California,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. 
Zinke has a troubling timeline with the Super PAC he created, Special Operations for America PAC. Many experts have called into question the legality of the arrangement. Even fellow Republican and former U.S. Congressman Rick Hill called into question Zinke’s relationship with SOFA PAC stating that the relationship needs to be examined.
In addition, two campaign watchdog groups filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, accusing Republican House candidate Ryan Zinke of illegally coordinating with a SOFA PAC.
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