Zinke ducking debates to hide from his support for privatizing Medicare

Zinke ducking debates to hide from his support for privatizing Medicare

(Helena, MT) – Montana seniors are sounding off on Ryan Zinke for ducking debates and demanding answers for his support for privatizing Medicare while giving millionaires and corporations a massive tax break.
Ryan Zinke supports the Ryan budget plan that would turn Medicare into a voucher system, raise out-of-pocket costs for seniors and work to eliminate programs seniors rely on like Meals on Wheels, family caregiver support and senior centers.
“As a senior, I want to know why Ryan Zinke wants to privatize Medicare and pull the rug from under Montana seniors. It’s time for Senator Zinke to muster up the courage to face Montana seniors and answer questions about why he is putting corporate special interests before Montana seniors,” said Deb Achatz of Sanders County.
Montana seniors are not the only ones being ignored by Zinke. Zinke has also ignored Montana students and has failed to answer their questions regarding his support for gutting the Pell grant program.
“Ryan Zinke is ignoring Montanans because he doesn't want to answer for his record against seniors, students and working families. His lack of integrity and transparency make him inept to serve as Montana’s lone congressman,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.


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