Zinke continues sprint to the right, endorses extremist Scalise for House Majority Leader

Just one day after the Billings Gazette called Congressman Ryan Zinke “polarizing and extreme” and said his sentiment continues to be insincere, Zinke today endorsed extreme right-wing Congressman Steve Scalise to be the Majority Leader of the House Republican Caucus.

Like Zinke, Scalise has a long-history of supporting extreme measures that will hurt ordinary Americans.  In 2013, Scalise chaired the Republican Study Committee and wrote a budget that gutted Social Security, privatized Medicare, reduced the value of Pell Grants, all while cutting taxes for large corporations by 10 percent.

“Congressman Zinke’s endorsement of Steve Scalise has validated his membership in the extreme caucus,” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “In Montana votes speak louder than words.  Zinke and Scalise have a dangerous agenda for Montana: cut Medicare and Social Security, reduce tuition assistance for students, and attack women’s health, all while lowering taxes for multi-national corporations.”

In April, Zinke used taxpayer dollars to visit the Louisiana coast with Scalise, just months after his judgement was questioned after it surfaced that Scalise spoke to a white supremacist organization.

After the resignation of Speaker John Boehner last week, Zinke credited himself as “one of the frogs” that caused Boehner to lose control of his caucus and hand the reigns over to more conservative leadership.

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