Zinke Puts Out-of-State Special Interests ahead of Montana Workers

(Helena, MT) - Labor Day is a day to celebrate workers for their contributions to our economy and prosperity, but instead of honoring workers, Ryan Zinke has shown that he will protect his own personal interests and cater to out-of-state special interests instead of Montanans.

Zinke's hurtful record towards working Montanans explains why he has spent a considerable amount of time raising money out-of-state instead of Montana. Zinke has raised 71% of his funds out-of-state including more than $103,000 from Florida-based Fidelity National Finance employees and PACs.

Zinke’s out-of-state fundraising has come at a cost to Montana workers. Zinke supports the Ryan budget plan, which would raise taxes on the middle class by $2,000 while giving tax breaks to millionaires and corporations that ship jobs overseas. Zinke's support for this plan that hurts working families caters to corporate special interests including the infamous Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity who have worked extensively to push for the passage of this disastrous economic plan.

Zinke also sided against working families when he opposed raising the minimum wage, which would help families put food on the table and make ends meet.

“While Ryan Zinke protects his own personal business interests and the out-of-state special interests bankrolling his campaign, Montana families are working hard to make ends meet. It’s time Zinke get his priorities straight and put Montana working families first,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.



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