Zinke Lacking Courage to Debate, Students Demand Answers

 Zinke Dodges Question on Support of Plan to Gut Pell Grants

(Helena, MT) - As students head back to school on campuses across Montana, they are demanding Ryan Zinke answer questions on issues important to them. The former SOFA PAC chairman has shown he lacks the political courage to face Montana students in an open and public forum. 

“Students and young people are the future of our state, but rather than talk with us, Ryan Zinke would stick us with a higher tuition bill. It’s time for him to face Montana students and tell us how he would make education more accessible and our future brighter,” said Topher Williams, a student at the University of Montana.

Ryan Zinke supports the Ryan budget plan that would leave 1,700 Montana college students without access to affordable student aid. Specifically, the plan guts Pell grants by $125 billion, taking $8.6 million in aid off the table for low-income college students in Montana.

Zinke’s plan would also slash investments in workforce training programs and advanced technological research and development that helps power Montana's economy.  

“It says a lot about a person when they will put themselves and their special interest friends ahead of the future of Montana, but that is exactly what Ryan Zinke is doing. His lack of political courage is telling how he’ll represent Montana in Congress”, said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. 


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