Zinke Flip-Flops on a Woman’s Right to Choose for Political Gain

Montana Democratic Party launches Zinke Flip-Flop Factor

(Helena, MT) – As GOP House Candidate Ryan Zinke changes his position on a woman’s right to choose whenever it is politically convenient, Montanans now have a tool to know when Ryan Zinke is flip-flopping.

The Montana Democratic Party is launching the new Ryan Zinke Flip-Flop Factor.


Zinke Flip-Flop Factor: Choice


The Flip-Flop Factor is rating Zinke at a level five, the highest level, as Zinke’s stance on a woman’s right to choose has change drastically over the past few years.

According to Project Vote Smart, Zinke indicated he supported abortion within the first trimester and exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. However, now Zinke states he is 100% pro-life and does not support abortion within the first trimester. Zinke’s flip-flop was widely reported as women from a prominent pro-life group called into question Zinke’s position. He defended himself by calling the women “liars”.

In 2009, Zinke received a score of 65% from NARAL, but his drastic flip-flop lead him to receive a 0% from NARAL just two years later. 

“Montana women have the right to make their own healthcare decisions, but rather than stand by Montanans, Ryan Zinke is pandering to the ideological extremes of his party for political gain,” said Andrea Marcoccio, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. 

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