Zinke Flees Montana for Texas to Avoid Questions about Flip-Flops

Zinke Flees Montana for Texas to Avoid Questions about Flip-Flops
 Zinke has held numerous positions on choice, public lands – says whatever is politically beneficial

(Helena, MT) - Today, former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke fled Montana for a fundraiser in Texas with Representative Pete Sessions, a chief architect of the costly government shutdown.  Zinke had to flee the state quickly in order to avoid questions about his flip-flops on choice and public lands and the role he played in a super PAC he created.
Zinke’s record on women’s healthcare decisions has been constantly changing since he entered the public eye. Zinke’s flip-flops from the past on choice came out in the open showing his record as a legislator was different than his words as a candidate.  In 2009, Zinke received a 65% from NARAL-Pro Choice Montana, but now says he is 100% pro-life – even going as far to say the he would outlaw women's right to choose even in cases of rape or incest
Zinke also flip-flopped on his stance on public lands. In the debate, Zinke claimed to not want to limit access to public lands, but his record in the Legislature earned him a 0% rating from the Montana Sportsmen Alliance.  His vote record shows a consistent desire to reduce access to public lands for Montanans.
“It’s no wonder Ryan Zinke jet-setted off to Texas—where 95% of land is privately owned and you pay six figures to ‘hunt’ animals in a pen—after the debate last night.  He spent all of September dodging the debate and Montanans in favor of out-of-state fundraising and now we know why.  He wishes he could hide from his flip-flopping record,” said Bryan Watt, a Montana Democratic Party spokesperson.  “Zinke managed not to tell Montanans about his role at SOFA PAC, how he feels about dark money, but I am sure Montanans will find out the answers to these important questions next debate, if Zinke doesn’t get stuck in California on a lay-over.”
Absent from this debate was Zinke’s role in the super PAC he created – Special Operations for America PAC. Zinke has a troubling timeline with SOFA. Many experts have called into question the legality of the arrangement. Even fellow Republican and former U.S. Congressman Rick Hill called into question Zinke’s relationship with SOFA PAC stating the relationship needs to be examined. In addition, two FEC complaints have been filed with the Federal Election Commission, accusing  Ryan Zinke of illegally coordinating with a SOFA PAC.



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