Zinke Dodges Debate, Hides from Montanans amid multiple ethical complaints

 Zinke Runs Away from Discussing the Issues at Billings Gazette Debate

(Helena, MT) – After spending much of his time out-of-state raising money from special interests, Former SOFA PAC Chairman Ryan Zinke is refusing to debate fellow U.S. House candidate John Lewis at the Billings Gazette debate.

Zinke has a long history of ignoring Montanans. He has spent considerable time raising money out of state because, you know, they're all poor.” In addition, he has yet to release his military records despite promising to do so.

It’s no surprise Zinke is hiding from Montanans as he has a laundry list of ethical, moral and political liabilities that have been dogging his campaign since he launched his candidacy.

Here are the top nine reasons why Zinke is ducking the debate and failing to answer Montanan’s questions:

  1. Zinke prioritizes out of state special interest group fundraising versus meeting with Montanans.
  2. Despite promising to release his military records, Zinke has yet to do so raising questions about his departure from the Navy Seals.   
  3. Zinke has drastically changed his position on a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions over the past several years saying whatever is most politically convenient at the time. 
  4. Zinke faces multiple FEC complaints about possible illegal coordination with the super PAC he founded – SOFA PAC.
  5. There are simply too many questions he’d have to answer about his connection with SOFA PAC.
  6. First, he was concerned about climate change. Now, he believes it doesn’t exist.
  7. Zinke has grossly mismanaged his campaign resulting in more than $83,000 in campaign debt.
  8. Zinke isn’t sure about his multiple stances on the Second Amendment.
  9. Zinke doesn’t wait to explain why he called all Montanans poor.

“It’s no small wonder Zinke is running tail-between-his-legs from Montanans. Zinke doesn’t want to answer questions about his lack of integrity, ethical lapses, constant flip-flops, and out-of-state, special interest fundraising,” said Bryan Watt spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.



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