Zinke Continues to Dodge Troubling Numbers

 Former Super PAC Chairman fails to address ethical complaints, transparency not a top priority

(Helena, MT) – Former SOFA PAC Chairman Ryan Zinke is racking up some troubling numbers in his quest to gain public office. Consider the following:

Ø  2: The number of formal complaints filed against Ryan Zinke related to illegal coordination with the super PAC he founded.

Ø  4: It’s been nearly FOUR weeks since Zinke was asked to address allegations of misusing taxpayer dollars for personal travel. In a recent AP article, he acknowledged a dispute over $211. Yet questions linger: was this the only instance of ethical digression? Did he face a reprimand? Did this ethical complaint result in the failure to achieve a promotion as a former Navy SEAL has suggested?

Ø  16: The number of days since John Lewis announced his C.L.E.A.N. Platform to reform Congress. Zinke has yet to sign on to Lewis’ platform and has not provide a single idea on how Zinke would reform Congress. Lewis’ proposals include extending the “cooling off” period to super PACs making independent expenditures on behalf of a former chairman or founding members who run for public office. 

The numbers speak for themselves: Ryan Zinke is struggling to show that he will stick up for Montanans over protecting his own personal political ambitions.

Zinke Campaign by the Numbers:
FEC allegations: 2
Dollars his campaign is in debt: $83,300
Amount spent on Zinke by SOFA PAC: $205,301
Number of times Zinke talked about transparency in the first House debate: 4
Number of instances he’s actually been transparent: 0
Number of issues Zinke flip-flops on: too many to count
Amount Zinke spent on a Hollywood image consulting firm: $165,152
Amount of campaign funds spent on an obstacle course: $300


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