Zinke Calls Debt Reduction “Naive,” Protects Out Of State Corporations Bankrolling His Campaign

(Helena, MT) – While John Lewis laid out his 5 point plan to tackle our nation’s debt, Ryan Zinke continued his campaign theme of offering up more political talk and less concrete solutions.

Zinke called Lewis’ plan—which would crack down on corporations that ship jobs overseas and cut out wasteful bureaucratic spending—“naive.” Zinke disagreed with Lewis’ ideas to cut duplicative federal agencies and give members of Congress a 10% pay cut across the board. Instead, Zinke supports the Ryan Budget which protects tax breaks for billionaires, turns Medicare into a voucher system and advocates for selling off public lands in order to pay off the federal debt.

“Montanans cannot trust Ryan Zinke to advocate for them when he’s already showing that his first priority is the out of state billionaires bankrolling his flailing campaign. Rather than share concrete ideas to solve our debt crisis by trimming the fat and ending corporate tax loopholes, Zinke wants to keep his special interest pals happy,” said Bryan Watt, a Montana Democratic Party spokesperson. “As long as it is politically expedient, Zinke will support Washington’s elite when they try to balance the budget on the backs of seniors, students and working Montanans.”


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