Using Taxpayer Dollars for Personal Travel? Ryan Zinke Faces Questions about His Ethics and Transparency

Montana Democratic Party Challenging Zinke to Release Full Military Records 

(Helena, MT) – Amid allegations of using taxpayer money for personal travel, the Montana Democratic Party is calling on former SOFA PAC chairman, Ryan Zinke to release his full military records. 

In a past press statement, Zinke did not deny misusing taxpayer funds after a former Navy SEAL and senior Defense Department official said that there were “ethic issues” around Zinke’s travel.

Zinke has yet to fully address the allegations, instead choosing to brush the allegations aside.

“I thank Ryan Zinke for his service, but if he truly believes that transparency is important, he will release his redaction-free military records.  Montanans deserve to see his full record, especially given his connection with SOFA PAC. If Zinke releases his full record, it will clear the air during the current political campaign," said James “Scott” Wheeler, treasurer of the Montana Democratic Party and retired Army officer who served for 36 years.

The incident of misusing taxpayer dollars is not the first time Zinke has faced ethical questions. Zinke is facing an FEC complaint over alleged illegal in-kind contributions and coordination between Zinke and Special Operations for America PAC, a super PAC he created in 2012 to support Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. The complaint can be viewed online here.

SOFA PAC spent $200,000 in support of Zinke’s primary campaign and nearly $50,000 in attack ads on one of his top challengers, Matt Rosendale of Glendive.

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