Understanding Congressman Rehberg’s Speech at the Montana GOP Convention


Montana’s Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg was at it again at the Montana Republican Convention on Satuday – falling back on the same tired old talking points and offering no solutions.

Congressman Rehberg even had the gall to say the country had become too litigious, without mentioning his own frivolous, self-serving lawsuit against Billings firefighters. 

But Congressman Rehberg took his hypocrisy to the next level when he said,

“The bottom line is if you want your mother to take care of you, that's maternalism. If you want your father to take care of you, that's paternalism. If you want the government to take care of you, that's socialism. But if you want to take care of yourself, that's Americanism.”

But what is it when you want Billings taxpayers to pay out a big cash settlement to line your own pockets?  That’s Montana’s Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg, and that’s completely irresponsible.


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