UPDATE: New Additions to Daines Dishonesty Tracker

More doublespeak, clocks in at 14 dishonest statements

(Helena, MT) – The Daines Dishonesty Tracker ticked up to 14 dishonest statements today as Congressman Daines continues to build on his record of saying one thing and doing another.

Daines continues his doublespeak by attempting to take credit for supporting veterans’ health, rural schools and public lands - even while his votes tell a different story. 

Daines Claim: He claims to support veterans’ healthcare initiatives.
Reality: Daines voted against suicide prevention programs for veterans and twice voted against initiatives that would have ended the VA backlog in disability compensations claims.

Daines Claim: He claims to support rural schools and the funding that keeps them strong.
Reality: Daines sponsored a “land-grab” bill that would actually slash Secure Rural School funding by up to 25%.

Daines Claim: He claims he supports the Land and Water Conservation Fund to acquire new public lands.
Reality: Daines voted for the Ryan Budget, which undercuts the purpose of the LWCF by stipulating that no new lands can be purchased. 

Daines Claim: He says he supports programs that encourage outdoor recreation and increase access to public lands.
Reality: Daines cast a vote that could sell off Montana public lands. Daines also demanded and voted for the government shutdown, which closed Montana’s public lands during the heart of hunting season and cost Montana's economy $45 million.

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