Top Ten Reasons Montana Seniors Need to Throw Daines Out

Congressman Voted to Increase Costs on Seniors in order to Give Himself a Tax Break
(Helena, MT) – As Senator John Walsh crisscrosses Big Sky Country to hear from Montanans about how to protect Medicaid and Social Security, the Montana Democratic Party is reminding seniors of Congressman Steve Daines' consistent record of hurting Montana seniors in order to protect fellow millionaires and corporations that ship jobs overseas.

Daines twice voted for budgets that would turn Medicare into a voucher system, raise out-of-pocket costs for seniors and work to eliminate programs seniors rely on like Meals on Wheels, family caregiver support and senior centers.

Here are the top 10 reasons Montana seniors need to throw Steve Daines out:
  1. Daines' plan would privatize Medicare and turn it into a voucher system significantly increasing costs for Montana seniors.
  2. Under Daines' budget, seniors could be forced to pay $800 more per year than under current law, raising premiums by 50 percent.
  3. Daines' plan would increase prescription drug costs by an average of $785 affecting nearly 11,000 Montana seniors.
  4. Daines' budget slashes food assistance programs including Meals-on-Wheels which provides food assistance to vulnerable seniors.
  5. Daines' budget guts programs that provide families with caregiver supportleaving working families without the resources they need to provide care for elderly parents.
  6. Daines' budget raises the Medicare eligibility from age 65 to 67 leaving many seniors without health care.
  7. Daines voted against a measure that would protect Social Security and Medicare from being privatized.
  8. Daines' plan would hurt seniors by threatening their long-term care and access to nursing homes.
  9. Daines' budget could jeopardize seniors' access to benefits and the provider of their choice.
  10. Daines' disastrous budget would hurt thousands of Montana seniors by makinghuge cuts to Medicare--in order to protect tax breaks for Daines and other millionaires.
“Congressman Daines is just another self-serving, Washington politician. He has hurt Montana seniors to give himself and his millionaire friends tax breaks. It’s that kind of self-serving agenda that makes Congressman Daines unfit to serve Montana and our best interests,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.

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