Top Ten Contest: Dennis Rehberg's 2011 to Remember

It's been quite a year for Congressman Dennis Rehberg.  

He drug out his lawsuit against Billings firefighters, called Pell Grants 'welfare', and voted to force huge cuts to Medicare -- all while protecting tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.  He even wrote a bill that would gut Medicare Advantage for thousands of Montana seniors.

Send us what you think Congressman Rehberg's most irresponsible and out of touch moments of the year were to, and we'll send out the most striking examples in a "Top Ten" list before the end of the year.

If you're a millionaire Congressman who's so out of touch you think you're "cash poor", gutting Medicare while giving tax breaks to millionaires makes for a pretty good year.  But to the rest of Montana, it's just more of the irresponsibility that defines Congressman Rehberg's 30 years as a politician.

Even though there are far more than 10 reasons to send Congressman Rehberg back to his subdivision, we'll use your ideas as a reminder of why we all need to work so hard next year. Tell us what you think at

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