Top 5 Most Dishonest Lines Daines Delivered During Debate

(Helena, MT) –Congressman Steve Daines misled Montanans in the first General Election debate with answers that don’t stand up to the facts on his record.

Here are just the top 5 most dishonest lines he delivered during the debate on Saturday in Butte. 

1. On Washington: "In Washington, career politicians put their own self interest ahead of the right thing for the people."      

Daines voted to give tax break to his fellow millionaires at the expense of seniors, children, vets, Native Americans, and small businesses. Daines has also supported tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas while Americans here at home continue to look for work. Daines also reaffirmed his support for the Citizens United decision that “corporations are people.”

2. On Choice: "These kinds of decisions need to be left to the states. We should not have the federal government overturning what Montanans might decide on these important issues. So I’m going to stand with Montana. I’m going to respect what Montanans choose on this."

But legislation Daines sponsored WON’T let the states decide. In fact, his “personhood” bill could outlaw common forms of birth control and he supported a constitutional amendment that would outlaw abortion even in cases of rape or incest..

3. On College Aid: "As I travel all across this state I find that our three greatest exports are our cattle, our grain and our children. And our children are probably our greatest natural resource."

Daines voted to gut Pell Grants leaving more than 1,700 Montana students without access to Pell Grants. Daines also voted to raise interest rates on student loans as high as 8.5%.

4. On Veterans: "I’m always going to stand with veterans." 

Daines voted against funding improvements for VA medical services including health programs for rural veterans and mental health care services. Daines also voted against suicide prevention programs, initiatives that would have ended the VA backlog in disability compensation claims, and funding to build the new VA clinic in Billings.

5. On Campaign Finance: “I think most Montanans agree that there’s too much money in politics.”

Daines supports the Citizens United decision allowing unlimited secret money in Montana elections even though Montana voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative calling on the state’s leaders to overturn the Citizens United decision. Daines has also accepted $20,000 from the Citizens United PAC.

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