Tester Sweeps Major Newspaper Endorsements

In case you missed it, Montana farmer Jon Tester has made a clean sweep of major newspaper endorsements.  Here's more: 

“In this year’s race for U.S. Senate, Montanans have a choice between the incumbent senator who is completing his first six-year term and the state’s sole U.S. representative who has been in that office for 12 years… A hard-working moderate, Sen. Jon Tester has accomplished more for Montana in his first term than Rep. Denny Rehberg has in twice that time… Tester brings a Montana can-do approach to Congress... as the candidate best able to work across the aisle and get important things done for Montana and the country.” –The Billings Gazette, 10/21/2012

“[Tester is] certainly not the rubber-stamp his critics portray him to be… Far from merely adding to the ever-increasing campaign noise, Tester has consistently shown that he follows through on his promises with meaningful action… Tester deserves applause for sticking his neck out to act on the concerns of western Montanans with a homegrown attempt to solve our timber, jobs and economic problems. No one else has even tried. So let’s send Tester back to the Senate, where he can keep working to do what’s best for Montana.”–Missoulian, 10/28/2012

“Tester has shown more willingness and ability to work toward solutions than has Rehberg, qualities sorely needed in Congress, perhaps now more than ever... We need statesmen, not political rhetoric.”–The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 10/14/2012

“In the wild world of politics, especially when closing in on an election, it’s nice to hand out praise for getting something done. U.S. Sen. Jon Tester's... ‘once-in-a-generation’ sportsmen’s act [advanced] with 84 ayes. The act represents more than 20 bills that ensure hunting and fishing access along with protections for species and land. The bill is supported by 56 groups ranging from the National Rifle Association to The Nature Conservancy.” –The Helena Independent-Record, 10/21/2012

“Congratulations, Sen. Tester on your leadership and collaborative effort in getting this positive outcome… We hope [Montanans] will consider demonstrated deal-making skills along with everything else when casting your vote.”–Montana Standard, 10/21/2012

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