Tester Continues Work for Montana, Rehberg still AWOL

Jon Tester recently concluded an Ag workshop with over 100 farmers and ranchers.  That event follows weeks of meetings with Montanans, including a string of successful small business jobs workshops.

Where has multimillionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg been?  Your guess is as good as ours.  Congressman Rehberg has been missing from action in Montana for months – his online schedule of public meetings lists only one for the month of March.  

After 11 years in Washington, Congressman Rehberg no longer believes he’s accountable to Montanans,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “That’s why he’d rather hide out in Washington where he can give tax breaks to millionaires, while gutting education and health care for Montana families.  Congressman Rehberg can try to hide from his record of irresponsible decisions all he wants, but Montanans know an out-of-touch Washington politician when they see one.

Since the beginning of his campaign for Senate, Congressman Rehberg has twice been coaxed out of hiding due to public pressure.  And both times he made some memorable news:

Rehberg Removes Montanan from “Public” Meeting --  Following a news story that exposed Congressman Rehberg’s failure to meet with Montanans in public, he scheduled two events – in Circle and Jordan, where he kicked a Montanan out of the meeting.

Rehberg Tells Drunk Boating Joke at First Meeting in Months – After avoiding public meetings with Montanans for months, Congressman Rehberg attended a water policy conference, where told a joke about drunk boating.   Congressman Rehberg was famously part of an alcohol-related boating accident that put one of his staff members in a coma.  

"There's no telling what Congressman Rehberg will do the next time he's forced to meet with Montanans," added Dick.  "But you can be sure he won't explain his 5 votes to raise his own pay or his 10 votes to raise the debt ceiling." 

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