Steve Daines Puts Corporations ahead of Montana Small Businesses

Daines continues record of helping corporations ship American jobs overseas

(Helena, MT) – Montana small businesses are the economic engine of Main Street Montana, but Congressman Daines has hurt small business across Montana by siding with corporations that ship American jobs overseas.

The Daines Budget provides tax breaks for corporations that move American jobs overseas while slashing small business programs, resulting in a loss of 314,000 jobs.

  • The Daines Budget guts programs for women small business owners causing in 860 fewer small businesses.
  • The Daines Budget hurts rural areas by limiting small businesses access to broadband.
  • The Daines Budget destroys training assistance programs that provide small businesses with skilled workers.
  • The Daines Budget slashes assistance for rural businesses resulting in 2,000 fewer jobs across rural America.

The Daines Budget also raises taxes on the middle class including a $2,000 tax increase for many Montana families.

“It’s pathetic that Congressman Daines lacks the courage to stand up to corporate special interests. He’s voted to reward corporations for moving jobs overseas instead of making sure Montana small businesses have the tools they need to grow, innovate, and succeed,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. 


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