Shutdown Steve Dodges Questions on Record, Work in China

Congressman Steve Daines continues to leave out key parts of his real jobs record in an effort to pull the wool over Montanans’ eyes. When asked by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle about helping “outsource jobs to China” when he worked for Procter and Gamble, Congressman Daines dodged the question entirely.

Congressman Daines seems to have forgotten his work for a company that closed down American factories while opening new ones overseas.

While working for Procter and Gamble, Daines worked throughout China to help set up factories. During that same time, P&G closed four U.S.-based plants eliminating 1,800 American jobs.

Shutdown Steve doesn't talk about his support for the federal shutdown that cost Montana's small businesses millions of dollars.

Congressman Daines supported - even demanded - the 16-day shutdown cost Montana nearly $1.6 million per day and $45 million overall.

He didn't stop there: earlier this month, Default Daines voted against a bill to keep the country solvent.

Newspapers across Montana to slammed the Congressman for his lack of leadership, with the largest paper concluding he failed “a test of political courage”.

“While Congressman Daines dodges questions about his poor jobs record, it begs the question: ‘what is the Congressman hiding’? Opening factories in China doesn’t count when it comes to creating Montana jobs,” Andrea Marcoccio, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party said. “Congressman Daines should focus more time on representing Montana values and being a leader in Congress, and focus less time on spinning his extreme agenda.”



  • Daines Worked Six Years in Hong Kong and Mainland China “Helping Start Factories There And In Production, Marketing and Sales.” Past employment: Worked in management for Procter & Gamble, 1984-97. Worked for seven years in Iowa City, Iowa, and six years in Hong Kong and mainland China helping to start factories there and in production, marketing and sales. Moved back to Bozeman in 1997. [Missoulian, 2/27/08]
  • P&G Announced Four Plant Closures in the United States. As reported by UPI, “Procter & Gamble announced Thursday it will close four plants and shut down six production lines over the next 18 months in moves that will affect 1,800 employees. The consumer products giant said the moves are part of a major restructuring it announced in July. P&G announced at that point it planned to close about 30 of its 147 plants and cut about 13,000 jobs — half through plant consolidations and half through operations improvements — from its work force of 103,500 over the next three years.” [UPI, 1/13/94]

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