Shutdown Steve, Default Daines Votes to Wreak Havoc on American Economy

Daines’ Irresponsible Tea Party Agenda Would Ruin Main Street Montana

(Helena, MT) – Tea Party Congressman Steve Daines recklessly voted for a government default hurting Main Street businesses across Montana. Once again, Congressman Daines turns his back on working class Montana families in order to appease the most extreme members of the Tea Party Caucus.

This week, Congressman Daines voted against a House bill to allow the government to continue paying its bills. Without the bill the U.S. would have defaulted on its debt, causing disruption across the U.S. and global economies.

The vote is just another in a long line of irresponsible votes that affect the economic strength of the U.S including his vote to shut down the government and his vote against the bipartisan budget deal.

“Montanans have come to expect Congressman Daines to put politics before Montana. First, he shutdown the government and he voted for a government default. His Tea Party agenda is irresponsible and Montanans are paying the price,” said Andrea Marcoccio, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.


Not even Main Street Republicans could persuade Daines vote to raise the debt limit: “Only Main Street Republicans — bankers, builders, investment advisors, lawyers, engineers, perhaps even clergymen — can persuade Daines to vote for a clean bill raising the debt ceiling, and ultimately, persuade him that threatening to send the nation into default on its debts is an illegitimate tactic.” (Source, Flathead Memo)

Failing to raise the debt ceiling would have far reaching negative effects on the economic strength of the country: “Failing to raise the debt ceiling would require the government to cut spending by about a third, potentially forcing delays in Social Security checks, military pay and payments to doctors.” (Source, Washington Post)


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