Shutdown Steve, Default Daines Continues Push For The Controversial Land Grab Bill Montanans Strongly Oppose

Congressman’s ‘Commonsense Forest Management Reform’ Defies Logic, Angering Outdoorsman, Conservationists and Would Cost $376 Million 

(Helena, MT) – Congressman Steve Daines is once again pushing a controversial “land grab” bill that Montanans overwhelmingly oppose for the threat it poses to Montana’s outdoor heritage.

In an op-ed published today, Daines calls for “commonsense forest management reforms”, but his bill is far from commonsense. In fact, it’s an unbalanced approachthat stands squarely against Montanans’ desire to protect public land.

It’s why critics have called the legislation “a one-sided industry give-away that will harm the environment” and why a coalition of 18 Montana hunting and fishing organizations hammered Daines for failing to consult them before making the proposal.

The land grab bill is the latest affront to Montanans: Daines was also supportive of measures to sell public land as part of a Federal budget proposal even though Montanans overwhelming disapprove of such measures – even if its to pay down the deficit.

“Between the land grab bill and his support of public land sales, Congressman Daines doesn’t represent Montana values or Montana’s interests,” said Andrea Marcoccio, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Default Daines can spin himself all he wants, but we know that deforesting Montana landscape is the not the solution Montanans want or support.”

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