Schweitzer says the state leads in energy production

Montana's Governor says the state is leading the entire country in energy production and doing it in a clean way.

Click HERE for the story and video online at Montana's News Station.



Brian Schweitzer spoke at the Environmental Council of the States in Whitefish. The council is an association of environmental agency leaders created to protect human health and the environment.

Schweitzer told agency leaders Montana leads the country in oil production and is increasing wind energy at the fastest rate. He says Montana has 30% of the country's coal and will develop it in a clean manner.

"A hundred years ago when we developed mines, we didn't think about the future, and we didn't understand the chemistry and the physics, today when we develop resources, we are required by law to have a reclamation project, so those mistakes that we've made in the past will not occur in the future," said Governor Schweitzer.

The governor also pointed out to the environmental council that Montana produces large amounts of water for the entire country.

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