Ryan Zinke has Flip Flop Fever on the Second Amendment

Zinke’s changing positions on gun rights float the Flip Flop Factor up to a five 

(Helena, MT) - Between his past flip-flops on topics ranging from women’s rights to climate change, Montanans just can’t keep track of where Ryan Zinke stands on much of anything. The Flip Flop Factor returns to call out yet another on the long list of Zinke’s political U-turns: Second Amendment rights.

The Flip Flop Factor maintains Zinke’s previous highest possible rating of a five, singling out his changes on gun policy.

Zinke Flip Flop Factor: Second Amendment Rights 


Before his bid for Congress, Zinke maintained that schools are one of the places where guns just don't belong. Zinke’s changed position again became apparent in the last debate, where he said that the issue should be left up to local school boards.

Zinke has also waffled on gun ownership. Zinke previously told Gary Marbut, president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, that .50 caliber rifles are far too dangerous for civilians to own. However, Zinke flipped his position at the U.S. House debate earlier this month where he told Montanans to “knock yourself out” if they wanted to own .50 caliber rifles. 

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