Ryan Zinke Flees Montana for California’s Sunny Skies

Ryan Zinke Flees Montana for California’s Sunny Skies
 Zinke to spend day fundraising for his bankrupt campaign in Los Angeles

(Helena, MT) – On the first day of autumn, former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke has fled Montana for warmer weather in Los Angeles, California. Zinke is in Los Angeles to beg his super PAC pals and out-of-state special interests to save his bankrupt campaign.
Zinke has a long history of abandoning Montanans in favor of out-of-state fundraising. Californians, Texans, and Floridians collectively donated almost 40% of Zinke’s campaign funds, far exceeding his Montana contributions. In fact, more than 72% of Zinke’s campaign funds have come from outside Montana – including more than$190,000 from California.
Zinke is also ducking a debate in Billings to hide from his support for the disastrous Ryan Plan. Zinke has instead chose to fundraise in Dallas, Texas.  Zinke’s support for drilling in the North Fork has made Zinke a hit in Texas where some of his largest contributors are oil tycoons.
“Ryan Zinke seems to be comfortable with flip-flops so maybe L.A. is a good place for him to be. Yet as he continues his fundraising road trip, Montanans are left wondering why Zinke wants to gut Medicare, supports dark money in elections, and favors increasing taxes on the working families while giving tax breaks to corporations and millionaires,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.

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