Ryan Zinke Campaign Attire: Flip-Flops

Ryan Zinke Campaign Attire: Flip-Flops

Ryan Zinke Continues Trend of Changing Position when Politically Advantageous

This summer former SOFA PAC chairman Ryan Zinke has shown off his best flip-flops as he introduces himself to Montana voters. Ryan Zinke’s main message— “I’m whoever is most political advantageous right now.”

Zinke has auditioned different positions on choice, on his belief in and disbelief ofclimate change, and on where Second Amendment Rights should be applicable. He's even flip-flopped on the Billings Gazette debate agreeing to the debate before backing out for no apparent reason. 

Zinke has even gone as far as to flip-flop on his role with SOFA PAC. He stepped down as chairman of the organization just days before he announced his candidacy, but has since faced multiple FEC complaints. Shelby DeMars, spokesperson for Zinke, stated that Zinke and SOFA “can’t coordinate right now” failing to realize that Super PACs and candidates are never allowed to coordinate.

“With all of these different positions it is common for a Montana voter to be asking, who is the real Ryan Zinke?” Said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.  “Mr. Zinke has taken so many different stances on the issues it is hard to know which Ryan Zinke will show up on a given day. Perhaps his constant position changes are why he is ducking debates in front of Montanans.”

Montana voters have started to take notice on Zinke’s flip-flopping:

  • “Zinke has flip-flopped on other important issues, too, ranging from renewable energy to climate change. Zinke calls for more leadership and less politics. Is this the leadership and politics we want? Sounds as though he’s offering just the opposite.” [Ravalli Republic 9/8/14]
  • “Zinke has waffled and/or flip-flopped on several issues such as: pro-choice/pro-life, renewable energy and climate change. He is quiet on the issue of public lands; silent on the Voting Rights Act; fighting against same-day voting registration; and against expanded Medicaid for Montanans – even though it would create Montana jobs (a Republican rally cry). Zinke claims to support renewable energy, but without government incentives – such as the ones given nearly cart blanche to the oil and nuclear industries.” [Ravalli Republic 9/8/14]
  • “We don’t want a representative who flip-flops on their stance on choice, like Ryan Zinke, Lewis’ opponent”  [Bozeman Daily Chronicle 8/26/14]

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