Ryan Zinke's Week in Review: Insult Montanans While Courting Washington's Elite


Former SOFA PAC Chairman Entertains Washington Big Wigs While Ducking Debates in Montana  

(Helena, Mont.) – Former SOFA PAC Chairman turned U.S. House candidate, Ryan Zinke, has added yet another incredible accomplishment to his resume: all time worst week of headlines since announcing his candidacy. 

“Given Ryan Zinke’s historical tendencies, we can expect him to blame everyone and anyone for the harsh headlines he has received. However, Ryan Zinke alone is responsible for hiding from Montanans, entertaining Washington insiders at lavish events, trying to get campaign donations by misleading voters all while ducking debates in Billings, Helena and Great Falls,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "Zinke is showing Montanans daily that his top priority is protecting the perks out-of-state millionaires enjoy at the expense of Montana's seniors and students."

Zinke's "Week in Review" speaks for itself.

Black SUVs descend upon the Flathead over the weekend as Zinke is caught hiding from Montanans to entertain the architect of the government shutdown, D.C. millionaire John Boehner.
KAJ-TV, Kalispell: Boehner Keynotes Zinke Event, Black SUVs Descend on Whitefish

Tuesday: The Missoulian reprimands Zinke for misleading statements he made in order to raise campaign funds.
Missoulian: "Daines, Zinke Must Not Mislead Montanans About Veterans"

Wednesday: Just as families across the state are getting students ready for the first week of school, Ryan Zinke’s report card from the Billings Gazette is returned with poor marks for ducking a debate and making misleading statements about why he would not participate.
Billings Gazette: Zinke Flunks Political Courage Test

Thursday: Zinke is caught by the national media making offensive statements about the work ethic of Montana’s Native American families while bragging about outreach efforts in Indian Country.
Huffington Post: Key Congressional Races May Hinge On Support From Native Americans, Alaska Natives

Friday: Zinke reveals a Pell Grant helped him personally attend college but fails to mention his enthusiastic support for a plan that would deny hundreds of Montana students the same opportunity he had.
Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Zinke Declares Personal Gain from Pell Grants

NEWS FLASHBACK: 15 days ago, Ryan Zinke promised MSU Professor David Parker he would release military records.

NEWS UPDATE: Ryan Zinke still hasn't made good on his promise despite the simple process he can take to obtain them. Is he hiding his records so he can continue to make outlandish claims to help boost his campaign fundraising efforts?

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