Rick Hill Welcomes' Chris Christie's Failed Record to Montana

Congressman Hill says other states do it better – so what does he think Montanans can learn from New Jersey – the worst state in the nation for business?
Helena, MT – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is bringing his state's bottom of the barrel economic performance to Montana this week to campaign for Congressman-turned-lobbyist-turned insurance company executive Rick Hill.  
Congressman Hill’s central theme of this campaign has been that Montana isn’t as good as other states. He’s called our teachers the “second worst in the nation,” and praised the  natural resource permitting environments of our neighbors, even though North Dakota is six times slower than Montana and Wyoming is five times slower [American Conservative Radio, 12/4/11]. Congressman Hill even suggested Montana business owners are “nuts” to do business here [Voices of Montana, 2/9/2012].
So what can we expect the Garden State Governor to teach his protégé Congressman Hill this week when he speaks at the Hilton Garden in Missoula?
Perhaps he’ll tell Congressman Hill what a truly “nuts” business environment looks like in his home state of New Jersey. According to the Tax Foundation, New Jersey ranks dead last in the nation in state business tax climate. New Jersey’s 7% sales tax, 9% corporate income tax, and 8.97% individual income tax combine to make it one of the most hostile business environments in the United States. Montana, on the other hand, ranks in the top ten states in the Tax Foundation’s survey.
So what exactly does Congressman Hill hope to learn from the Governor of a state that “scores at the bottom by having the third-worst individual income tax, the fifth-worst sales tax, the 13th-worst corporate tax, and the second-worst property tax”? Montana already has one of the best business tax environments in the nation, especially because we don’t impose a sales tax – something that Congressman Hill has been advocating for decades.

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