Rick Hill Stands With Insurance Companies to Make Women Pay More for Health Insurance

Congressman Rick Hill, Republican candidate for Governor, says he would overturn a decades-old Montana law that prohibits insurance companies from charging women higher premiums than men. 

"If you're a former lobbyist and insurance company executive like Congressman Hill, then it makes sense to charge women more money for health insurance," said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "But to the rest of Montana, Rick Hill is just another out-of-touch Washington politician who doesn't get it." 

A former insurance company executive and lobbyist, Congressman Hill told Montanans at an insurance company event that he would sign legislation to knock down Montana's  "unisex" insurance law, which prohibits insurance companies from charging women higher premiums, saying,

"So by getting rid of the current unisex law we will have more products available, more choice available, and overall it will costs less for the consumers, so I too will sign the bill." 

Efforts to overturn the law have been led by the insurance company lobby over the years, and they have consistently failed.  

 "Congressman Hill is obviously thinking about women's health care like a guy who has made a lot of money in the insurance business," said Dick. "No one should believe someone who has made big money in the health insurance industry when it comes to keeping premium costs down for women.  It's clear that Congressman Hill is on the side of insurance companies, not Montana women.  Montana simply can't trust a Congressman-turned-lobbyist to make responsible decisions about women's health."

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