Rep. Daines’ Government Shutdown Will Harm Small Businesses in Montana

 Reckless & Irresponsible in Threatening To Shut Down Government

(Helena, MT) - Steve Daines is pushing to shut down the government, which could have devastating consequences for Montana small businesses and the workers they employ across the state. Steve Daines’ irresponsible partisanship was on display last week when he voted to shut down the federal government at the end of the month.

In 2012, more than 300 Montanans received more than $90 million in financing to start and grow companies that created jobs across the state. A government shutdown would mean that small businesses in Montana would be denied the credit they need to start up because the Small Business Administration wouldn’t be able to process new loans. During the government shutdowns in the 90’s more than $ 1 million in small businesses loans to were delayed because the Small Business Administration couldn't guarantee them and 5,200 small businesses were delayed in receiving SBA guaranteed financing.

Daines’ shutdown plan has been ripped by numerous Republican Senators, including John McCain who called the GOP shutdown plan not rational

“Rep. Daines’ plan to shut down the government would have devastating consequences for Montana small businesses that will be denied the financing they need to start up and employ hard-working Montanans. Daines’ plan displays the recklessness and bad judgment of an ideologue who does not have the best interests of the people of Montana in mind,” said John Bacino, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party, “Republican Senators have slammed Daines’ position, which will stop the processing of new small business loans and stand in the way of job creation. Montanans need leaders who will stand up for them in Washington and work together, not self-serving politicians like Steve Daines who cares more about personal political ambition than fighting for Montana.”


Daines Voted for House Republican CR That “Could Bring a Government Shutdown in Less Than Two Weeks.” In September 2013, Daines voted for passage of House Republican FY 2014 continuing resolution that would permanently defund the 2010 health care overhaul. As reported by CNN, “With one vote on Friday, the Republican-led House launched the latest spending battle in Congress -- one that could bring a government shutdown in less than two weeks. By a 230-189 tally almost strictly on party lines, the House passed a short-term government spending plan that would eliminate all funding for Obamacare. The measure now goes to the Democratic-led Senate, which is certain to reject the provision that defunds President Barack Obama's signature legislative achievement of his first term.” [HJ Res 59, Vote #478, 9/20/13; CNN, 9/20/13]

Daines Previously Signed Letter Calling For Government Shutdown Unless Health Insurance Reform Funding Was Cut After Push From Heritage Foundation. The Hill reported, “A growing group of congressional Republicans is pushing leaders to defund ObamaCare in the next government spending bill, setting the stage for a showdown in September, when the current continuing resolution expires.” The report noted that a letter from Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) was gaining steam in the House Republican conference that called on Boehner and Cantor “not to allow votes on a government funding bill unless it chokes off money for the Affordable Care Act.” Roll Call reported, “Heritage Action for America has a message for 100 House Republicans: You want to sign freshman Rep. Mark Meadows’ letter…The full text of the letter and final list of co-signers won’t be made public until Thursday, Meadows’ office told CQ Roll Call. But when it is sent to House Republican leaders, it will demand that they “take the steps necessary to defund Obamacare in its entirety, including on a year-end funding bill like a continuing resolution.” The letter which was signed by Daines and 79 other House members said, “we urge you to affirmatively de-fund the implementation and enforcement of ObamaCare in any relevant appropriations bill brought to the House floor in the 113th Congress, including any continuing appropriations bill.” [The Hill, 7/25/13; Roll Call, 8/20/13; Meadows Letter to Boehner & Cantor, 8/21/13]

GOP’s Government Shutdown Could Hurt Small Businesses: The Small Business Administration would not be able to process new loans, denying small businesses the credit they need just as the economy is starting to grow again. The Dallas Morning News reported that, during the 1995-96 shutdowns, “More than $ 1 million in loans to small businesses were delayed because the Small Business Administration couldn't guarantee loans.” In all, approximately 5,200 small businesses were delayed in receiving SBA guaranteed financing during the last shutdowns. Thus far in 2013, SBA has approved more than 37,000 7(a) and ARC loans every, the processing of which could be delayed by a shutdown. [Christian Science Monitor, 4/8/11; Committee on Appropriations, 4/6/11SBA Weekly Lending Report]


In FY12, SBA Montana supported 338 loans for more than $90 million. [SBA, 10/30/12]

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