Rehberg: No Input from Montanans on Controversial Land Bills

HELENA, Mont. – Multimillionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg never held a single listening session before pushing both his controversial Homeland Security land-grab bill and his unpopular anti-hunting bill—despite fierce opposition from Montana hunters and anglers.

And today even Rehberg is admitting, to the Great Fall Tribune, that Montanans “simply don’t agree with the concept of giving [the President] and his political appointees the final say on how these lands should be managed.”

Yet that’s exactly what Rehberg’s two bills do.

Rehberg’s H.R. 1505 allows the Department of Homeland Security to make top-down decisions on public lands within 100 miles of Montana’s northern border with Canada.  Rehberg’s H.R. 1581 allows the government to build roads and develop Montana’s best big game backcountry, which is why the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation opposes the bill.

Today’s Great Falls Tribune also reports that supporters of a measure to protect hunting backcountry in the Rocky Mountain Front say Congressman Rehberg has ignored their requests for a meeting since 2004.

"After 11 years in DC, Congressman Rehberg doesn't believe he's accountable to Montana hunters and anglers," said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "Congressman Rehberg claims he’s listening when it’s convenient for him, but he failed to listen to Montanans before pushing his big government anti-hunting bills.”

Last year, Congressman Rehberg ignored requests from a sportsmen's organization for a meeting about his Roadless Release Act, which jeopardizes world-class big game hunting habitat. Another group of Montana sportsmen who oppose Congressman Rehberg's HR 1505 Homeland Security land grab bill this week reached out to him to discuss their concerns over the bill. 

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