Rehberg votes to raise taxes, against Keystone XL pipeline and Jobs

Helena, Mont. -- Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg today followed his party bosses' wishes and voted to raise taxes on middle class families, and to kill Keystone XL pipeline jobs. 

Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party, had this to say:

"Congressman Dennis Rehberg didn’t just vote to raise taxes on the middle class and kill jobs; he committed the worst sort of hypocrisy.  After accusing some of opposing the Keystone XL pipeline, Congressman Rehberg is now irresponsibly and hypocritically opposing Keystone XL only days after launching those attacks.  Now, Jon Tester is the only candidate left in this race who supports responsible development of Keystone XL and lower taxes for middle class families."

Just last week Congressman Rehberg said of the Keystone language in the payroll-tax bill, "I hope all the Senators who claim to support these jobs will find the courage to stand up to the party bosses and do the right thing for Montanans."

Dick added, "It's too bad Congressman Rehberg doesn't have the courage to stand up to his party bosses and support the jobs Keystone will bring to Montana."


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