Rehberg on Job Corps: ‘Ineffective’, ‘Wholly Duplicative’

Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg recently visited a Job Corps center in Darby, a job-creating program that he has consistently and ideologically opposed.

In March, Congressman Rehberg has this to say about Job Corps,

“We must get beyond the rhetoric, and divest ourselves of the overly passionate personal attachment to programs that have been proven to be ineffective.”  [House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Hearing on Budget for Department of Labor, 3/16/2011; link to comments.]

Although Congressman Rehberg paraded around the Darby Job Corps center today, he has led the way to run the program into the ground.
“It is shameless for Congressman Rehberg to visit a Job Corps center he’s tried to close,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “Congressman Rehberg would rather protect tax loopholes for his fellow millionaires than strengthen job-creating programs that help Montana families.  Montanans know a Washington DC cover-up when they see one, and that's what they got from Congressman Rehberg today.”
Here’s more background on Rehberg’s opposition to Job Corps programs, including the one he visited in Darby today:
Rehberg Bill Would Eliminate $1 Billion from Job Corps, Close More Than 80 Out of 125 Job Corps Centers Across the Country.  As reported by the Montana Standard, “The federal Job Corps program has provided education and vocational training to disadvantaged youth since 1964, but faces significant cuts under H.R. 1, recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. Proposed cuts would eliminate close to $1 billion from Job Corps, and could close more than 80 of 125 centers across the country, according to the National Job Corps Association based in Washington, D.C.” [Montana Standard, 3/3/2011]
  • HEADLINE -- Kicking Horse Job Corps could face budget cuts [Valley Journal, 4/12/11]:  Kicking Horse Job Corps Center employee Shelly Fyant "expressed her disapproval with Congressman Denny Rehberg recently made multiple incorrect statements about Job Corps. According to Fyant, Job Corps serves over 60,000 youth, costing approximately $27,000 per student. Job Corps also has an 83 percent rate of graduates that go on to enter employment, higher education, or the military within six months of exiting the program."
Labor Secretary Warned That Rehberg’s Cuts to Job Corps “Would See Perhaps Half of Our Job Corps Programs Folding.” During a March 2011 hearing on the Department of Labor budget, Labor Secretary Solis said the Republican spending bill written by Rehberg could eliminate half of the Job Corps programs. SOLIS: Well -- well, according to -- according to our data, if H.R. 1 were to pass we would first see the -- a recission of about $300 million. That, in fact, will have a definite impact. In program year 2011, that runs past September 30, 2011, another program cut could possibly do dramatic impact on -- on our programs here, and would actually -- you would see perhaps half of our Job Corpsprograms folding. REHBERG: OK. [House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Hearing on Budget for Department of Labor, 3/16/2011]
Rehberg’s Bill Would Eliminate $300 Million for Job Corps Budget, Included $600 Million Recission. RAY UHALDE, VICE PRESIDENT OF WORKFORCE/EDUCATION POLICY JOBS FOR THE FUTURE: Thank you. With regard to Job Corps, of course, there's -- the proposed cuts in H.R. 1 would eliminate $300 million from Job Corps's budget, and I believe there is a rescission of the $600 million from the program. Those obviously will reduce the number of students or core members the Job Corps is able to serve from -- about 70,000 to something less. [CQ Transcriptions, Rep. Dennis Rehberg Holds Hearing on Job Training Programs Budget, 4/7/2011]

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