Rehberg Still Pushing Land Grab, Montanans Still Don't Want It

In case you missed it, Congressman Rehberg told the Missoulian he is still pushing his plan to let D.C. bureaucrats shut off public access to land for hunting and fishing because he believes, “We have a food fight going on between federal agencies.”

Congressman Rehberg is completely wrong -- the federal agencies that are supposed to benefit from his land grab plan say it is "unnecessary":

Mick Holm, former superintendent of Glacier National Park: “I question what the bill actually seeks to fix, and what level of bureaucracy it is inviting . . . Anytime there was a difference of opinion we were able to seek common ground and resolve it with discussions at the local level.”

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security: "H.R. 1505 is unnecessary and it's bad policy.  We don't need it."

Steve Gniadek, a biologist who worked at Glacier National Park for 32 years:  “The bill assumes that there is this resistance and that federal land managers are preventing border patrol agents from doing their job. I just don’t see any evidence of this in Montana."

Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick had this to say about Congressman Rehberg's persistent support for his unpopular bill:

"After 11 years in Washington, Congressman Rehberg has become too out of touch to make responsible decisions about Montana's public lands.  Congressman Rehberg's land grab plan is no different than the Patriot Act and Real ID -- it is a direct assault on the freedoms Montanans cherish.  Montanans simply can't trust a Washington politician like Congressman Rehberg with something as important as our land and privacy."

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