Rehberg Receives Citizens United Endorsement, as Montana Rejects Unlimited Corporate Cash in Politics

Helena, Mont. -- While Steve Bullock spent the morning making sure that people - not corporations - decide our elections, Congressman Dennis Rehberg spent his day politicking with those that want our elected officials sold to the highest bidder.

The extreme Citizen’s United Victory Fund today announced their endorsement of Congressman Rehberg.

“Congressman Rehberg is proud to take help from the shadowy special interests who want to buy him and the election,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “Wall Street and Big Oil have rewarded Congressman Rehberg with this endorsement because he’s put them ahead of Montana for past decade in DC.”

Citizens United was at the center of the Supreme Court case that ultimately allowed unlimited corporate spending in federal elections. In 1912, after years of corruption by the Copper Kings and other corporate interests, Montanans - through ballot initiative - banned corporations from engaging in independent expenditures.  Last year, the shady, Washington, D.C. based organization Western Tradition Partnership - who was found to have flaunted many of Montana's election laws - challenged the constitutionality of the century-old Corrupt Practices Act.  [Missoulian, 10/22/11

And they have a history of playing dirty political games:

Citizens United Called for President Clinton’s Impeachment.  A December 1997 issue of Citizens United’s newsletter encouraged its readers to Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) to express support for an impeachment inquiry. [Hartford Courant, 1/31/98]

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