Rehberg Patriot Act Update: He Supports It (Again)

Multimillionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg is doubling down on his longtime support of the Patriot Act, telling a radio station today that his longtime support of the unpopular law was no mistake.

Rehberg has voted for the Patriot Act five times during his 12 years in Congress.

It's a record that Rehberg didn't always embrace.  Last year he told supporters that he regretted supporting the law, which allows the government to spy on law-abiding citizens.

“I make mistakes too," Rehberg said during a rally in Whitefish on November 10.  "I really wish I hadn’t voted for the Patriot Act.”  

But today, Rehberg told Voices of Montana that he "did not say the Patriot Act was a mistake," adding that it "was a necessary piece of legislation." [Audio link.]

"After 12 years in Congress, Dennis Rehberg has forgotten who he works for, so it makes sense that he's once again embracing a record of supporting irresponsible policies that take away the freedoms of law-abiding Montanans," said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "No matter how much Dennis Rehberg tries to change his mind  during election season, nothing can erase his out-of-touch record of voting against Montana's best interests."   

Rehberg has taken criticism from across the political spectrum for the Patriot Act and a similar piece of legislation -- his controversial plan to let Homeland Security take "operational control" over the northernmost 100 miles of Montana.  Jon Tester has consistently opposed the Patriot Act, REAL ID, and the plan to let Homeland Security take over control of land near Montana's northern border.

Congressman Rehberg's 5 votes for the Patriot Act: HR 2975, Vote 386, 10/12/01; HR 3162,Vote 398, 10/24/01; HR 3199, Vote 414, 07/21/05; HR 3199, Vote 627, 12/14/05; S 2271, Vote 20, 03/07/06



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