Rehberg LIES About his Record on Wolves

Montana's millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg is lying to cover up his failure to pass a wolf solution.

Here is what Congressman Rehberg said on KPAX on August 26, 2011:

"I led the issue. The wolf issue was mine. What I wanted to do was to reform the Endangered Species Act, so that the federal government could in fact delist them. It's a failed policy--we need a better Endangered Species Act. I helped lead the effort, ultimately from the House, but the guys in the Senate tried to take credit for it. Mike Simpson of Idaho got it in the house bill and frankly the Senate never did pass a version. Everything that was put into place was done in the house." (Click here to listen to the relevant part of the interview)

Congressman Rehberg VOTED AGAINST Jon Tester and Max Baucus' solution to our wolf challenges. (See this Roll Call Vote from April of 2011: The bill was a bipartisan budget agreement that included Jon and Max's wolf provision.

"Congressman Rehberg voted against the bi-partisan solution that put wolves back under Montana's control," said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "It's bad enought that Congressman Rehberg is lying about his record, but it's far worse that he's never done anything to fix this problem. This is just more of the self-serving behavior we've come to expect from Congressman Rehberg."

In fact, Congressman Rehberg said on Twitter on July 25th that he was disappointed Jon and Max's wolf solution wouldn't be subject to lawsuits:

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