Rehberg Fails Transparency on Bill to Support Community Health Centers, Jobs Corps and Pell Grants

Rehberg bill to keep Community Health Centers and Jobs Corps afloat is long overdue – will he explain the delay to Montanans?

Helena, Mont. -- With only three days left before his key appropriations bill is due to be approved by Congress, millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg has still not told Montanans anything about the bill.

Congressman Rehberg is chairman of the House Labor Health, Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee, giving him the power to decide resources for Head Start and other initiatives like Community Health Centers and Pell Grants.   That bill has been delayed for weeks without any explanation from Congressman Rehberg [The Hill, 9/20/11].

"Congressman Rehberg's failure to discuss this bill in the light of day is irresponsible," said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  "Montanans deserve transparency and we deserve to know what's going on behind Congressman's Rehberg's closed doors.  After 30 years as a politician, Congressman Rehberg has finally been asked to take on a major responsibility in Congress, but he has failed to deliver and Montanans are waiting for answers."

Congressman Rehberg still hasn’t told Montanans how the bill will affect Jobs Corps and Community Health centers, even though he visited them last month.

When will Congressman Rehberg take the opportunity to tell Montanans what he plans for Pell Grants, Job Corps, Community Health Centers and the future of our state?

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