Rehberg Embarks on "Save My Own Job" Tour

Montanans ask what the Congressman has done to help create new jobs

This week, Rep. Dennis Rehberg is traveling the state of Montana visiting construction projects where new jobs were created through legislation Rehberg voted against. The same projects Rehberg claimed in an editorial board meeting Tuesday, "had merit."

Rehberg suggests tax relief as a solution in today's Billings Gazette, he fails to acknowledge that he voted against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which did just that. In fact, a full third of the Recovery Act focused on tax relief.

As part of his "Save My Own Job" tour, Rehberg stopped by the Northern Hotel in Billings. After voting against funding that supported jobs at the hotel site, he offered to help by "promising to have a staffer look for grant options and Department of Energy assistance."

The Billings Gazette reported: "By cooperating with the city of Billings, the Northern was able to sell $20 million in tax-free 'stimulus bonds' to pay for the hotel's remodeling. Investors like the government-backed, tax-free bonds, which were made possible through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009."

"Dennis Rehberg is continually saying one thing and doing another; he voted against legislation that created jobs and cut taxes, and then he says he wants to create jobs and cut taxes," said MDP Chair Jim Elliott.

Elliott added, "Rehberg doesn't seem to think Montanans are smart enough to see through the smoke. If he keeps this up he may actually create at least one new job opening--for his own position."

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