Rehberg Cuts Ribbon at Recovery Act-Funded Project

Denny Rehberg cut the ribbon this week for a Montana road project near Alzada that is being paid for using $8.6 million provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. 

Rehberg voted against the Recovery Act and has criticized it widely when addressing Montana audiences. He has called it “failed spending” and a “boondoggle,” among other things.

Yet Rehberg raced to southeast Montana to take credit for a major project there funded by the Recovery Act. He cut the ribbon for the project to pave 17 miles of State Secondary 323.

The project will invest around $8.6 million into the highway thanks to the Recovery Act.

“Rehberg showing up at this event is the very definition of a poseur and is akin to lying to the people of Montana,” said Martin Kidston, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Does Rehberg suddenly approve of the Recovery Act? Has he had a change of heart? If not, he has no place cutting ribbons for projects made possible by the Recovery Act when he voted against it and criticizes it at every turn.”


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