Rehberg Benefits from Koch Brothers' Robocalls

Helena, Mont. -- Last night Montanans across the state received robo-calls from the Koch brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity, who are repaying Congressman Rehberg for his years of support for their irresponsible agenda.  

Like Congressman Rehberg, Americans for Prosperity is a staunch advocate for gutting education and health care for Montana families, while protecting special tax breaks for multimillionaires.  Now, they're repaying Congressman Rehberg's loyalty.  

"Yet another secretive group is coming to Congressman Rehberg's rescue, because they know he'd rather protect tax loopholes for millionaires than protect Montanans' education and health care," said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "Montanans deserve to know who is paying for these calls, because they're the same people trying to buy a Senate seat for Congressman Rehberg.  And they deserve to know Congressman Rehberg is on the side of shadowy outside groups like Americans for Prosperity, not Montana."

So far, out-of-state special interest groups like Americans for Prosperity have spent over $2.5 million on dishonest, negative attacks to help Congressman Rehberg, who has earned a 90/100 rating from Americans for Prosperity.  Here's a reminder of the reasons why:

Congressman Rehberg and AFP support protecting tax loopholes for millionaires:

  • Rehberg Supported Enron-Style Offshore Tax Loopholes -- In 2002, Rehberg voted against an amendment to stop corporations from re-incorporating in offshore tax havens, such as Bermuda, to create shell corporations as a way to avoid paying U.S. taxes.  The amendment was defeated 186-192.  [HR 4931, Vote #247, 6/21/02]
  • Americans for Prosperity Called Effort to End Tax Breaks for Outsourcing a “Bailout” and Opposed Previous Efforts to End Tax Breaks for Outsourcing -- Americans for Prosperity called an effort to fund kids’ education by ending tax breaks for companies who ship Americans jobs overseas. AFP also opposed an effort to close tax loopholes that encourage outsourcing of Americans jobs. [AFP, 8/4/10; AFP, 6/24/10]

But Congressman Rehberg and AFP refuse to protect health care for Montana families:

  • Congressman Rehberg Opposed Expansion of Children’s Health Insurance -- Congressman Rehberg voted against the expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), calling it an "extreme political ideology." The expansion of the program would provide health insurance to an additional 6 million children. [Helena IR, 8/3/07]
  • Americans for Prosperity Opposed Expansion Of Children’s Health Insurance -- In 2007, Americans for Prosperity opposed legislation to expand children’s health insurance to cover millions of additional kids. The legislation would have provided funding to boost enrollment to 10 million children, up from 6.6 million. [Americans for Prosperity Release, 10/18/07, 7/30/07]

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