Rehberg's Government Madness!!!

Just yesterday, Lobbyist Dennis Rehberg decided to pack up shop and head home with plenty of work left to do in Congress.  

You would think it's March, because what Congressman Rehberg is doing is madness.  Government madness.  

We picked a "Final 4" of plans Congressman Rehberg shelved at the expense of Montana families: The Farm Bill, Violence Against Women Act, a veterans' jobs bill, and a plan to sustain the U.S. Postal Service.  Check out the "bracket" below. 

Email us the one that made you the "maddest" to, and we'll send out the "winner" in an email next week.  

While we're having a little fun with this, Congressman Rehberg's failure of leadership is very irresponsible.  But it's no surprise.  

For 12 years in Congress, Dennis Rehberg has sided special interests at the expense of Montana families, and this is just the latest example.  Send your thoughts to, and we'll be in touch.  


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