Radio silence from Montana GOP House candidates on the Ryan Budget

(Helena, MT) – Congressman Paul Ryan released his latest budget yesterday putting Washington special interests before the middle class families.
The Montana GOP U.S. House candidates have stayed eerily quiet on whether or not they support the Ryan Budget.

U.S. House Candidate John Lewis came out strongly against the Ryan Budget and vowed to protect Medicare, ensure opportunity for young people and stand up for rural Montanans.
“Budgets reflect values. They tell us the priorities of our representatives and candidates. Montanans deserve to know where the GOP House candidates stand on the Ryan Budget. Montanans deserve to know their priorities and their values,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “Ryan Zinke, Elsie Arntzen, Matt Rosendale, Corey Stapleton and Drew Turiano are running to represent Montana. They shouldn’t hide their position on the Ryan Budget.” 
The Ryan Budget flies in the face of Montana families, veterans, seniors, and students. While giving tax cuts to millionaires, the Ryan Budget raises taxes on middle class families, increases the price of Medicare for seniors, slashes Pell Grants for low-income students, and hurts schoolchildren by moving money away from public education.
Check out a sampling of news and analysis. Perhaps Montana’s lone Congressman and GOP candidates vying for Montana’s House seat feel they don’t have to answer to working class Montanans who are wondering whether they’d go along with Ryan’s plan?

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