RELEASE: 6 Reasons Why Rick Hill is Wrong for Montana on Health Care

6 Reasons Why Rick Hill is Wrong for Montana on Health Care

From the Halls of Congress to Insurance Executive Board Rooms, Hill Has a Track Record on Health Care that Raises Several Questions


Helena, Mont. – In the wake of today’s health care ruling, Montana Democrats are noting that Rick Hill – from the halls of congress to insurance executive board rooms – has a proven track record of being wrong for Montanans on health care.


6 Reasons Rick Hill is Wrong for Montanans on Health Care:


1.       On Hill’s Watch, Insurance Company Raised Premiums up to 35 percent: In March 2010, the insurance company at which Rick Hill served as an executive announced that most of their customers had their premiums increase double-digits – and in some cases 43 percent (1).


2.       Hill Supports Letting Insurance Companies Discriminate Against Women: In February 2012, Congressman Hill stated in February 2012 that he supports letting insurance companies discriminate against women when setting health insurance premiums (2).


3.       Family Farmers Sued Hill’s Company for Price Gouging: A group of family farmers sued the insurance company that Rick Hill was an executive at due to the company increasing the farmer’s premiums by 21 percent (3).


4.       Hill Voted to Cut Billion Dollars from Medicare: In 1997, Hill voted for an FY 1998 budget reconciliation measure that included a $115 billion dollar reduction in Medicare (4).


5.       Hill’s Company Gave Million Dollar Golden Parachute to CEO: As an insurance company executive, Hill supported a more than one-million dollar golden parachute for the company’s CEO when he resigned, which was financed by jacking up the rates of hardworking Montanans (5).


6.       Hill Supports Deregulation of Healthcare: In Congress, Hill asserted support for the deregulation of health care, which could have a similar catastrophic impact to the one that resulted from his votes to deregulate Wall Street banks (6).


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