Poll Memo: Republican Rick Hill Has Major General Election Problems

This week, a new survey released by Public Policy Polling shows that Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Rick Hill has major General Election problems. The survey data also proves that Republican attacks against Democratic frontrunner Steve Bullock are not working.


The new poll – which surveyed 934 Montana voters from April 26-29, 2012 – had several key findings, which include:


Ø  Many Have Unfavorable View of Hill: 28 percent of voters overall view Hill unfavorably, and only 20 percent of voters have a favorable view of the former congressman.


Ø  Attack Ads on Bullock Proven Ineffective: 34 percent of voters overall view Bullock favorably – which is 14 points higher than Hill – even after Republican’s spent more than $250,000 on deceptive attack ads against Bullock.


Ø  Moderate Voters a Major Problem for Hill: Hill is at a 35 percent favorability disadvantage versus Bullock amongst voters who describe themselves as “moderate.”


Ø  Hill Unpopular Amongst All Age Groups: Across all age group categories – 18 to 29, 30 to 45, 46-65, and older than 65 – Hill is less popular than Bullock by at least 9 points.


Ø  Seniors Overwhelmingly Favor Hill’s Opponent: Hill’s Democratic opponent has a 14 percent favorability edge amongst voters who are in the older than 65 age group. 


To view the poll in its entirety, click here:



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