New Report: Ryan Zinke Ignoring Montana

While Lewis runs a made-in-Montana campaign, Zinke depends on out-of-state donors

(Helena, MT) – As Former SOFA PAC chairman Ryan Zinke gears up for a $10,000-per-couple fundraiser, a new report shows that only 28% of Ryan Zinke’s campaign donations have come from Montana, compared to over 70% of John Lewis’s.
Zinke’s campaign has had a decidedly out-of-state focus from the beginning. Californians, Texans, and Floridians collectively donated almost 40% of Zinke’s campaign funds, far exceeding his Montana contributions. When asked in the primaries about where his donations were originating, Zinke told supporters that he was being supported by folks like Halliburton.
Zinke again dismissed the need for Montanan support a few months later, saying “We don't get many donations from people in Montana, because, you know, they're all poor.” Ryan Zinke is cementing his focus on out-of-state bigwigs by bringing in John Boehner from Ohio to fundraise for him tonight at a $1,000-dollar-a-plate dinner. Zinke has abandoned everyday Montanans in favor of his wealthy out-of-state friends.
“At 10,000 bucks a couple, it’s clear that Ryan Zinke is more focused on gaining his own power than listening to everyday Montanans,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic party. “It’s interesting that Ryan Zinke would want to stand next to possibly the most unpopular Speaker of the House of all time, but then again Ryan Zinke will do anything to get elected.”
This is just the latest fundraising embarrassment for Zinke’s campaign, which has been dogged throughout the election by financial missteps ranging from allegations of illegal financial coordination with dark money groups to the revelation that Zinke’s campaign is deeply in debt.


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