More from the Dishonesty Tracker: Daines Damages Montana Small Businesses

 Congressman Casts Votes that Undermine Montana’s Economy

(Helena, MT) – The Daines Dishonesty Tracker jumps to 19 dishonest statements as Congressman Steve Daines continues to say one thing while doing another to sell his record to Montanans.
As Senator John Walsh travels across Montana to meet with small businesses owners and find solutions to help Montana businesses grow and succeed, Daines continues to support policies that look out for large corporations and send American jobs overseas. 
Here are the newest additions to the Daines Dishonest Tracker:
Daines Claim: He says he cares about the importance of Montana’s outdoor industry to the state economy.
Reality: Daines demanded and voted for the government shutdown causing $45 million in economic damages to Montana’s tourism industry. Daines also voted twice for a plan that could sell off Montana's public lands.
Daines Claim: He says he supports Montana small business.
Reality: Daines voted for a budget that would slash investments in workforce training programs that help small businesses recruit and retrain employees in our changing economy.
Daines Claim: He claims to be "pro-business."
Reality: Daines voted against replacing the sequester cuts that hit small businesses the hardest. 
“Congressman Daines is selling Montanans a bill of lies on his record in Washington. He goes out of his way to help corporations ship jobs overseas, but then turns his back on Main Street Montana. It’s hypocrisy at best, cowardice at worst,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.
Small business issues are not the first time Daines has unleashed his notorious doublespeak. Daines has also struggled with honesty on economic issues. Here is a re-cap:
Daines Claim: He claims he is opposed to raising the debt ceiling.
Reality: Daines voted twice to raise the debt ceiling.
Daines Claim: He claims to care about the debt.
Reality: Daines demanded and voted for the shutdown that added at least $400 million to the national debt.
Daines Claim: He claims to support job creation policies.
Reality: Daines supports protecting tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas while raising taxes on middle class families by $2,000 a year.
Daines Claim: He claims to be a job creator.
Reality: Daines doesn’t mention that he set up factories in China while his company closed its US plants and fired 4,000 American workers.
Daines Claim: He claims that he supports equal pay for women.
Reality: Daines blocked a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act to provide equal pay for equal work.

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